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Message boards can and should be used the same way you would use a newspaper. If you were to pick up a newspaper and look for a job. Your first step would be to look for a job that you are qualified for. You probably wouldn't apply for a job as a construction worker if you don't know anything about construction work. Treat message boards the same way. Don't apply for a job as a website designer if you don't have experience designing websites.

There is one big difference between using a message board and a newspaper. Jobs posted on message boards are typically referred to as "job leads". These leads are usually found by other members of the board who are trying to be helpful. In other words the job leads you see are probably not being posted by the potential employer. These leads are usually not researched. Most members do their best to post only legitimate work at home leads but they don't usually have the time to thoroughly research the job.

Now on to the tips:

1. Read the post completely and follow the directions given.

2. Don't ask for more information such as wages, hours etc. You wouldn't call a company from a newspaper ad and ask these questions. You would apply for the job and save those questions for your interview.

3. Check the date the lead was posted. Chances are that a job posted 6 months earlier has been filled.

4. If the post has a link included. Use it. This will give you more information on the job and allow you to apply for the job.

5. Make sure you qualify for the job being advertised.

6. Recognize that the poster probably has nothing to do with the job and can't tell you anything more than what is in the post.

7. Don't post your email address to request more information. This will open you up to spam and will probably never be seen by the employer anyway.

8. When you email the employer or apply for the job. Check your spelling and grammar before submitting.

9. Include your resume and and a relevant cover letter when you apply for the job.

10. Be as professional online as you would be if you were sitting in front of the employer asking to be hired.

Please be aware that an employers time is valuable. Just because they don't respond back within a few hours or even a day or two, doesn't mean much. Treat employers who hire for work at home jobs with respect and kindness. When you apply for an offline job, the typical protocol is to wait a week before checking back. The same applies online. Understand that they have probably received hundreds of applications and will be sorting through them to find the best qualified applicant.

Finding a job that can be done from home can be a frustrating and time consuming endeavor. Getting that work at home dream job is also very rewarding. Keep looking and applying and eventually you will make your dream come true!


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