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The world econony doesn't look ver good. Banks are failing all over the world, and millions of jobs have seemed to disappear overnight, meaning that average people are facing difficult financial circumstances. No one seems to be exempt. Maybe you have a high mortgage you can't pay, or perhaps your children's after school activities are no longer affordable. Debt are on the rise because you're trying to maintain your lifestyle during this downturn, hopeful that something will happen that will help. In the meantime, you still have to buy gas, groceries, etc and all the other things .

There is a solution You can have what you need and more. And it's not charity, but a real, honest-to-goodness work at home opportunity that you can work either part-time or full-time on, so that you can pay your expenses, get out of debt, and realize your dreams. Maybe you want to send your kids to college or make sure your retirement is intact; or maybe, you have even loftier goals in mind, like taking a vacation to Europe, or build your dream house.

My personal job was affected too. My employer cut my hours from 40-25 weekly, and something had to be done. So I looked for a home based business where I could work part-time. I started a business website and reviewed opportunities for work at home businesses that were available. I listened to people telling what they wanted and what they didn't like about current work at home opportunities out there. Of course, my focus was on legitimacy of those opportunities, and I wanted to find as many legitimate opportunities that seemed feasible so that people could earn extra income they needed. There were lots of paid survey websites, but would it really be worth my time to spend anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour typing in observations in answers for what amounted to about $10-$30 each?

Several of these places rated my answers as worth something, so I started phone interviews and teleconference focus groups as well, and these activities paid me quite well, over $100 for an hour of my time and input. When you work for these sites, they usually "bank" your money in an account that they keep a running balance on. When your balance reaches $100 or another defined amount, they pay you. Most people prefer to be paid once a month by check or by PayPal.

You can also try new products and services out. Manufacturers will pay you to try the product in your home and hope you'll buy it. You can just cancel within the 30 days they usually give you (or other free offer timeframe as appropriate). You are also required to give feedback on the product, but you don't have to pay anything. Unfortunately, you do have to give a credit card number in the event you want to keep the service or product, and you'll usually have to pay to ship the product back. Because you often get paid double or triple what the return cost is, though, you do net some profit. This isn't a "get rich quick" scheme, since most of these places only pay you a few hundred dollars a month, but it does provide you a little bit of extra cash.

More lucratively, you can sell other people's products or services. You don't have to invest anything yourself, but you do take a percentage of sales for those people you have referred. Many people have affiliate programs, with Amazon being one of the largest. So-called "info products" are all the rage now, with companies like PayDotCom and ClickBank two of the largest. You may want to spend some money on ads or traffic boosters, but this isn't always necessary.

A company called Strong Future International [SFI] who owns TripleClicks works like an online yard sale. Their ads tell you to "get rid of the clutter" and "get cash." BBB approved partner SFI (a veteran of 20 years) lets you join for free, and you get thousands of products to earn money with. You can sell by posting classified ads in newspapers, and much more.

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