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Health & Wellness Home Business

Well over 50% off Americans are obese, and more than half have tried to lose weight or get into better shape recently. The amount of money that Americans spend on diets, exercise equipment and supplements is in the billions. Why shouldn’t you be getting a piece of this pie, so to speak? Starting a health & wellness home business is something you should consider if you are interested in helping people to create a safer, healthier lifestyle.

What do you need to know about a health and wellness business opportunity? Well, you need to know that the industry is booming, and always looking for more people to sell all natural supplies and supplements.

The basic requirements for a health and wellness home business are that you have an interest in healthy living and a ton of compassion for those who are trying to achieve this. If you live a natural, healthy lifestyle, this business is great for you, because you can help your clients with your first hand knowledge.

There are many health and wellness companies out there offering a home based business. Make sure you take the time to research and find the business that is a perfect fit for you. Choosing the right company and products to sell may be your hardest obstacle in starting your health & wellness home business. Commissions can range from 10-50% on certain products.

A few companies to choose from might be:

• Strong Future International
• Shaklee
• Herbal Life
• Watkins
• XanGo

One thing you must ensure is that you find a quality line of products to sell. Make sure that you have used the products and benefited in some way, before trying to sell them to others. Consider purchasing several products and trying them out before signing up for their business opportunity.

There are multiple natural products available through these companies including supplements, all natural cleaning products, makeup, pampering products…. The list goes on.

A few things to think about before choosing your business would be:

1. Is there a startup kit and what are the costs?

2. Are you required to generate a certain level of sales per month?

3. What advertising resources do they offer to help kick-start your business?

4. What kind of support is offered from your upline?

5. Will you have a website to sell products and create additional income?

The health and wellness industry is booming, but you also may be looking at a lot of competition in this particular field. Starting a business is not easy, but can be extremely fulfilling.

Imagine being able to help someone with a natural remedy to a problem they are having. Or helping a young mother rid her house of harmful chemicals and replacing them with all natural products.

A health and wellness business is not limited to selling products. There are some very popular businesses selling discount healthcare, dental and eye care. Ameriplan is an example of this. You can earn residual commissions selling discount plans. As long as the customer remains active, you earn continual commissions. You can’t beat that.

If you have a passion for a healthy, natural lifestyle and would like to earn an extra income from home, then a health and wellness home business may be just the thing for you!


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