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Multiple Streams of Income is essential to online success!.

Recently I've been travelling on Public transport a lot more, busses and trains. One thing for certain is that it can be a lot quicker than taking the car, especially in larger cities like New York. On the other hand it can also take a lot longer.

Now how can these diametrically opposed positions be true at the same time?
Well, it's all down to the amount of planning that is done before setting out from home. I use the internet, type in the postcodes for my current position and my destination and the time when I want my journey to start. Then up comes a nice little route with walking time, bus route and times and train route and times. Job done. I can even choose a later or earlier starting time.

If I stick to the plan, I usually have a smooth journey, arriving when I expected to. However, if something happens to disrupt the plan, then the journey can be much more difficult and frustrating! For example, a last minute toilet stop before leaving can mean a missed bus, which means a missed train, etc. Or a 2 minute stop to buy a paper turns into a 10 minute stop because the person at the front of the queue wants to pay a £2.37 bill in 1p coins. Then they find that they only have 236 1p coins and search in every pocket to find one more! Result, train lost, journey totally disrupted!

What should I do to prevent the journey from being totally disrupted?

A little more planning is needed.

Instead of slavishly taking the planned route given to me by the internet, I need to adapt their plan to add in a little more flexibility to allow for unforeseen obstacles to my smooth journey. In other words, I need to change their plan into my plan, with my needs (i.e. toilet break, paper stop) taken into account.

‘That's awfully nice for you,' I hear you say, ‘but what the hell has that got to do with me?'

Firstly, thank you for sticking with me. You've just demonstrated that you have one of the main requirements for being a successful entrepreneur.....PERSEVERANCE!

So, what's the point of the little story above?

The avenue you take to running a successful online (or offline, for that matter) business is very much like the journey planning exercise I outlined above. You must plan. You must get as much help from as many places as you can. Then you must study all that help and all that information and turn it all into YOUR plan to suite YOUR particular needs and aspirations.
You know when you get the feeling that something just might work for you? You've got an idea, but you just can't pin it down. It's there, just out of reach.

What can you do?

The best thing is to get on and look at as many opportunities as you can. Search and search again. Test and try out as many as you can. That way, one of the opportunities you look at may just trigger off the little idea that you had and you see the right business for you.

Don't spend a fortune. That would be foolish. No, I mean take a look. If possible, try for free. Or at least take a free trial if you can. Of course, there are times when you have to dive in and try something out. But make an informed decision. Don't forget, you're looking for 'Multiple Streams of Income'. That is, you want to start as many businesses as you can cope with. But don't do it all at once. Get one business up and running successfully and then try another and another and so on.

Find out as much as you can about how each business works and test it for yourself first. One thing to be aware of. Don't take too much notice about all the hype. Just think, who is going to say their opportunity is not the very best on the internet?!

But then it's time for action. You have to be doing not talking if you want to succeed.

That's it! Sounds easy and it can sometimes be quite easy. But make sure you expect the unexpected. That way, you won't be put off by some obstacle or annoying thing getting in your way.

REMEMBER, an obstacle is only something on your way to success. You must go round it, over it, under it or simply blast your way straight through it. What you must never, ever do is let it stop you doing whatever it is you need to achieve your goals!


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