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Work At Home Scams- How to Spot Them

There are very few people who havenít at one time or another thought about starting an online or offline home based business.

The benefits obvious and appealingÖ work from home (heck even work in your PJís!), spend more time with your family, fire your boss, make more moneyÖect.

However when it comes to actually doing something about your dream of working from home most people wonít even get started. Itís sad to think that so many people are dying to work from home but sadly they probably never will.

In my experience as a network marketer Iíve heard a lot of reasons for not getting started but the biggest one by far is simply that they are afraid they are going to get scammed.

Itís not an irrational fear really. There are scams out there after all, and for a lot of people it can be hard to tell the difference. Some people might even say itís impossible, but itís not.

Spotting a home business scam is really very simple if you know what youíre looking for.

#1 Thing To Look ForÖ

Lack of a product. It is 100% illegal to have a business and no product. When you are checking out a home based business for the first time make sure you find out what product you will be marketing.

While itís good to find a product you can be passionate about you actually can make money even with a horrible productÖ lots of people have done it in the past. The product however, does have to exist.

If the person you are speaking with canít tell you the product run and run fast. Youíre about to get scammed.

#2 Thing To Look ForÖ

A companyís reputation. Now listen to me when I say that you donít have to sign up with a company thatís been around for 20 years or more. There are a lot of really great start up or ground floor companies out there.

However if you canít find out anything about their corporate office (or they donít have one), and you canít find any real people just like you who are actually making money youíre probably dealing with a scam.

Scammers donít like to put down too many roots so they wonít have a corporate office, they wonít have very many employees and they just generally wonít stay in one place for too long. NeverÖ ever send money to someone who canít give you at least a little bit of information about their companyís reputation.

#3 Thing To Look ForÖ

They wonít tell you what youíll be doing up front. Before you pay any money to someone to start a business you should know 3 things: the product, a little bit about the company its self and what you are going to be doing to make money.

Will you be selling the product? Will you be bringing other people into the business? Both? This is the final thing you should find out before becoming involved in a home based business.

Before I end this article here are a few other good points.

First of all just because someone asks for money up front doesnít make it a scam. All real businesses cost money to start. After all if you were going to start a traditional business it would take money to get started right? An internet business is no different.

Most home based businesses require that you also get other people involved and help to train them. This is also not the mark of a scam. Itís just a business structure, no more no less.

Finally, just because you hear a few bad reviews about a business doesnít necessarily mean itís a scam. People leave companies all the time and sometimes they are angry. It is super easy to write an angry blog post or say something on the internet when you are upset. So make sure you really get your facts and make sure youíre not just listening to a jilted ex-business owner.

Follow these steps and you wonít be fooled by the scammers out there, and hopefully youíll find an awesome business that can give you the kind of freedom that only working for yourself can provide!


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