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Testimonials On your Website

After you develop a website for your home business, you will want it to be as successful as possible. One strategy is to use testimonials as a marketing tool. The aim of this article is to explore using testimonials and if they are good idea

Do you know what this is and what is the usefulness. A testimonial is an appraisal [usually positive]of your products or services by previous clients that are either solicited or unsolicited. They will normally include the name and some contact details..

It is important that all of your testimonials are genuine and a lot of people feel that the testimonials they read in the internet are fake. Genuine testimonials will contain information on the way in which your products or services helped the client. If you see a testimonial that just says "The product is great" it will less weight with your potential clients.

Testimonials can be a great marketing tool and can help to convert potential clients as they will see what other think of you. If the comments look genuine and are positive about what you do it will give potential clients confidence in you. The more confidence they have in you the greater the chance will be that you will convert that person into a sale. However there are a few things to keep in mind when adding testimonials to your website:

1. If your testimonials are too long there is a chance people will not read them.

2. Consider not labelling them as testimonials and instead putting them under the heading "What our Clients Say"

3. Make sure there are some contact details attached to each one. .

4. Do not include those testimonials that are to generic. Make sure they have some relevant information about what you do and how you help.

5. Make them relevant. If you have page where you show previous client work such as a portfolio, try to add the testimonials here. So if a potential client sees something you have done that they like and they can also see a positive testimonial at the same time it will give extra weight to your work.

6. If you provide a service that is of benefit to businesses try to put some case studies on your website. If you can show how your service improve the business of one of your clients and include the odd quote from the client it will be of extra interest to your potential client. This will show them exactly how you could help them.

It is a fairly sure thing that testimonials if used correctly can significantly help to improve your sales conversions and so should definitely be included on your website. However do not be tempted to fake your testimonialsy. If you decide to do this then your lies will probably catch up with you at some time and do more harm than good.


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